Lockprivacy policy

Euro International Mortgage respects the privacy of the personal information that we obtain incidental to your application for employment. All such information, including any sensitive information such as medical or health data. Your Personal Data will only be used to give your application full consideration; for activities related to general human resources management and administration; and for proprietary research initiatives conducted by or on behalf of the firm’s marketing and communications functions. In providing your email address, residential address and telephone numbers, you agree that Euro International Mortgage may contact you through any of those media.

Other than to those individuals and entities set out below, your Personal Data will not be revealed by Euro International Mortgage to any third party unless we have your permission or we are under a legal or regulatory obligation or other duty to do so.

Your Personal Data may be disclosed by Euro International Mortgage to any entities within the Group; third parties performing background checks and other human resources management or administration services for Euro International Mortgage; third parties performing web development, hosting, or maintenance services for Euro International Mortgage; and regulators as required by applicable law or regulation. If Euro International Mortgage does not employ you, Euro International Mortgage may nevertheless retain and use this information for the purposes set out above. In most cases, your Personal Data will be controlled by the Human Resources Management Division of Euro International Mortgage.

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